Future commodity summary

Future 14000
Substance size: H48×W32×D33 (cm)

Merit of future 14000

The present-day person who is exposed to many stresses. Various balance deteriorate with stress, it is the empty becoming trouble, it appears. Future 14000 crest value 14000Vp (the non-sinusoidal wave) due to is the high electric potential remedy vessel for latest and most powerful home which includes the industry first technology colorfully. As for the high electric potential remedy vessel improvement of condition of stiff shoulders, headache, the insomnia and the chronic constipation is recognized as an effect effect. As many as 50 years or more is applied clinically from before, even with your home is loved in many people.

* The high electric potential remedy vessel which concentrates up-to-date technology.

As for change of mode, output, ratio, ripple mark, frequency and timer one touch operation. If one time it sets, fully loading ease of use such as the resume whose reset is unnecessary and the design to which setting understands at the glance. You can use simply even in new one and the aged person. In the sharp design which was standardized with [buruitsushiyugure], the liquid crystal display which has the warmth. The high-class impression of renovating the image of the former high electric potential remedy vessel it is the forum which overflows. Including the parlour, it matches to your any room.

* Easy to see large-sized liquid crystal display

In the large-sized liquid crystal day play which can verify setting contents at the glance it is easy to see even in the elderly person, setting mistake is little, it has become the design which anyone is easy to use.

* You change local remedy with mode

The local guide stud which remedies the being disgusted and pain directly standard equipment. The roller which it is easy to use even with the back where the hand is difficult to reach has belonged.

* The appraisal where the result and reliance are high

By the HAPI mark certification of the Japanese foam/home health equipment association, products liability insurance has been attached in high reliance and relief.

FAQ of future 14000

Q.What is the difference between FUTURE14000 andh FUTURE14000DX ?

Originally, it is to be FUTURE14000, but it seems that is modified in the product name, FUTURE14000DX from after.
Because medical equipment approval number (21600BZZ00384000) both is the same, output and the effect effect of the equipment have not changed. As for DX while sleeping, the futon where it can turn on electricity 1400vp low with electric potential has been attached.
Furthermore, when the futon is unnecessary, the futon it is not with it is sale possibility.

Future 14000 specification

Medical equipment approval number 21600BZZ00384000
Rated voltage AC100V
Rated electric power consumption 20W (at the time of electric potential remedy)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Timer Electric potential remedy: 60 minutes, 40 minutes, 20 minutes 
Local remedy: 10 minutes
Output voltage Electric potential remedy: 14000Vp, 9000Vp and 4500Vp
       (Crest value)
Local remedy: 1200 (effective value)
Ripple mark Electric potential remedy:
I) Distortion ripple mark (ripple mark A, B and C) (as for ripple mark C, B and A repeat every 3 minutes)
II) Offset ratio (45: 55 and 35: 65 and 25: 75) (As for ratio ratio of plus and minus of crest value of output ripple mark)
Local remedy: Sinusoidal current
Frequency Electric potential remedy: 14000Vp, 9000Vp and 4500Vp
       (Crest value)
Local remedy: 1200 (effective value)
External size Vertical 330 x side 320 x height 480 (mm)
Weight Approximately 13Kg


Future 14000 part

Electrification mat Insulated mat Local guide stud Ion sensorPower cord/code

Selling agency: Corporation bionics
Made in Japan